In Malawi our engagement is part of the regional project “Strengthening of Cooperative Structures in Southern African Countries as a means to alleviate Poverty”.

The project aims to strengthen the cooperative apex organization MAFECO to fulfill its coordinating and guiding role for the dynamic Malawian cooperative movement. The partnership assists in financing the staff, developing services for the member cooperative unions and establish a capacity building and an audit unit. At the same time, MAFECO is given support in logistics.

The project is focusing on improving the data- and financial management capacity of rural coopera­tives. With pilot-cooperatives tools in the area of financial management are developed with book­keepers in a very hands-on-way on the ground. Also, parallel workgroups in Malawi and in Mozambique cooperate for the same purpose: the promotion of Financial Management.

The project promotes good management practices, standardization, inclusive business planning to improve productivity and market access. Key is also the promotion of member participation – trust and transparency become here essentials. Therefore, the aim is to eliminate the major deficits in the areas of accounting, annual financial statements, fact-based planning and improved cooperative audit. Only good governance, the promotion of sound leadership, transparency and accountability can ensure economic sustainability, including the preparation and control of a budget and sound cost accounting.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our project in Malawi contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals, especially:


Our project work included and includes among many other:
-improving manual accounting systems
-build the capacity to prepare balance sheets and reports for the cooperative enterprise together with the cooperative associations
-establish an effective internal control system



Malawi Federation of Cooperatives LiMITED


The project in Malawi ist coordinated from our project office in Mozambique:

85 Rua de Tchamba

Otros proyectos en la región



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