The project “Cooperation of the DGRV with the national OCB-SESCOOP system in Brazil and cooperative structures in Argentina” supports cooperative structures through technical and process consulting as well as an international exchange of experts between agricultural cooperative associations in Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

Agricultural primary cooperatives and their member farms can increase their productivity, efficiency and sustainability through improved services provided by umbrella and regional associations as well as secondary cooperatives.

Financed by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), the project has a duration of 3 years (June 2017 – December 2020) and relevant work areas are:

  • Training and further education of employees of cooperatives and associations
  • Strategy development and practical application of strategy consulting in agricultural cooperatives
  • Exchange between DGRV and partners, in which best practice examples from Germany and the partner countries are conveyed
  • Trilateral Cooperation on Cooperative Issues between Argentina, Brazil and Germany

The project develops needs-based educational offers within the association and educational
structures in Brazil and Argentina. These educational offers will initially be developed and applied regionally. In a second step, standardised methods and instruments will be extended beyond the regions.

This includes, for example, the regular implementation of modular training courses for supervisory boards and board members in cooperatives. Other current topics in the field of education are consulting methodology and soft skills, internal audit / risk management and cost accounting. The project also advices management in the areas of planning, control and monitoring. In addition, partner associations are supported in the development of strategies, methods and instruments in the priority areas of the project and information is provided to promote cooperation opportunities between cooperatives.

The joint development of a methodology for the strategic consulting of agricultural cooperatives on the basis of case studies led to training courses for association consultants (e.g. consulting methodology, soft skills, financial analysis) and employees in cooperatives (e.g. analysis of business processes and their financial calculation).

With regard to cooperation opportunities, the project is active in the areas of joint services for
cooperatives (merchandise management systems) and digital trading platforms.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our project in Argentina contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals, especially:

More information about the Sustainable Development Goals can be found here: UN-SustainableDevelopmentGoals


In 2019, the project developed and implemented a modular training series (8 modules) for board members and supervisory board members in cooperatives to strengthen their management and control functions. There was also occasional cooperations with Brazil as a trilateral component, e.g. in the field of strategy development, where a joint event with 100 participants on the subject of corporate governance in agricultural cooperatives dealt with current examples from the three partner countries Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

The project is currently working on establishing and institutionalising trilateral cooperation through the two cooperative colleges ESCOOP in Porto Alegre and ICES in Sunchales. The German Cooperative Institute of the University of Hohenheim will also be involved in this process.



In Argentina, various partners from the central provinces are involved in the project: “Casa Cooperativa”, a foundation for the promotion of cooperatives and its affiliated institute ICES
(“Instituto Cooperativo de Enseñanza Superior”) for training and further education in the cooperative sector, the secondary cooperative CAFER (“Cooperativas Agropecuarias Federadas de Entre Rios”), which, in addition to marketing cereal and oilseeds, also advises its members on marketing opportunities, and other agricultural cooperatives in the region.

ICES Institute

Foundation for the Promotion of Cooperatives Casa Cooperativa

Secondary cooperative CAFER


The activities of the project in Argentina are supervised by the DGRV office in Bonn:

Tania Czerwinski
DGRV – German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Association e. V.
Adenauerallee 121
53113 Bonn

F. +49 228 8861 355

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