South Africa

In South Africa we support different governmental institutions, cooperatives as well as traditional, indigenous structures to support primary cooperatives.
Cooperatives are an important tool in South Africa to foster economic engagement of marginalized parts of society especially in rural and semi-urban settings. At the same time cooperatives play an important role when it comes to transformation of the economy to reduce inequalities and foster the participation of previously disadvantaged group of society.
Besides partnerships on national levels when it comes to policies and strategy DGRV supports different departments in the 2 pilot provinces Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.
The main focus of DGRV in South Africa is on cooperatives and its structures in the sectors of Agriculture, Youth, Energy and Forestry.

South Africa is part of the Regional Project Southern Africa Strengthening Cooperative Economic Cycles in Rural and Semiurban Areas in Selected Southern African Countries (SUCOSA) in which a regional exchange among the different stakeholders of the cooperative sector and supporting organisations including the Governments is supported and fostered.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our project in South Africa contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals, especially:


Project Director

Veit H. Gesenhues

Project Manager

Aljoscha Warych

Senior Project Advisor

Bongumusa Ntuli

Senior Project Advisor

Marsha Greenland

Senior Project Advisor

Thandeka Dabata

Regional Head of Administration

Erika Böhmer

Head of Administration

Gisela Hollamby

Clerical Assistant

Phumudzo Netshifulani




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