Costa Rica

DGRV project activities in Costa Rica mainly focus on two key areas: We support our partner INFOCOOP, the public cooperative institute, in fostering its supervisory function providing three different softwares for credit union financial indicators, for assessing the internal control systems and performing financial audits of all types of cooperatives. INFOCOOP is also advised by the DGRV on the construction of social balances in various sectors of the cooperative system (financial services, energy generation and distribution, agrarian and mixed services). Since 2023 it has been implementing the SDG-COOP Tool, providing methods and calculus to measure, report and plan effectively actions, initiatives, projects, and investments that contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in cooperatives.

With the regional association UROZON, DGRV is working on the topic of networks composed of cooperatives. Various networks of a sectoral or cross-sectoral nature strive for efficiency, growth and stability of cooperatives and, ultimately, for an improved income and stable employment of their members, mostly small scale producers in disadvantaged rural areas in the northern zone of Costa Rica.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our project in Costa Rica contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals, especially:




Project Director

Dr. Matthias Arzbach

Projects Advisors

Jennifer Soto

Lino Robledo

Viviana Rua

Clerical Assistant

Marlen Mora



Instituto Nacional de Fomento Cooperativo – INFOCOOP, is a governmental entity with the task of promoting (including financing), training, advising and supervising cooperatives in all sectors. It uses tools and methodologies of DGRV to pursue these goals.


URCOZON is a cooperative regional association in northern Costa Rica. It unites cooperatives of all sectors and size classes and supports them with advice, training and lobbying. The association is a partner of DGRV in the project “Redes” (Networks), which promotes inter-cooperation among cooperatives and seeks to achieve synergies and economies of scale between them.


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