The project work in Colombia mainly focuses on two key areas: DGRV supports its partner VISIONAMOS, operator of the Red Coopcentral payment system, in running a technical advice program for affiliated credit cooperatives.

The focus is on strategic and financial planning, social balance sheets, an internal control system and profitability calculations. The benefiting cooperatives make a significant financial contribution to the advisory service, so that DGRV expects a financial and also technical autonomy of this very successful project component, in which 60 institutions now participate.

Furthermore, as part of the German government’s special initiative “Fighting the causes of flight, reintegrating refugees”, DGRV carries out a consultancy project with Fundación CFA, the foundation of the Cooperativa Financiera CFA, focusing on the Antioquia region. Micro-producers in disadvantaged rural areas, many of them internally displaced, are supported in their production with the aim of making their products marketable and developing formal distribution channels with trading partners. The project is completed by financial inclusion (microcredit, simplified account opening) and financial education. This cooperation, known as the “Apoyamos” (“We Support”) program, has been extended through agreements with Foundations Coogranada (Antioquia) and Coofisam (Huila) as well as the Universidad Técnica de Pereira (UTP) in the Risaralda Department.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our project in Colombia contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals, especially:




Financial network Red Coopcentral is operated by DGRV’s partner VISIONAMOS, a cooperative central institution based in Medellin. Payment services and IT service (including development and operation of an IT-core) for the affiliated credit cooperatives are in the foreground.

Together with DGRV the so-called “Programa de Fortalecimiento Institucional” (PFI) is carried out to advise cooperatives affiliated to VISIONAMOS.


Fundación CFA is a non-profit foundation of cooperative nature based on self-help, equality and solidarity with social activities to improve the quality of life in the community.


Together with DGRV, the Foundation is conducting the “Apoyamos – Together for Development” advisory program, which aims to reduce the causes of internal displacement by creating local development networks and promoting agricultural production and marketing it on fair terms.


The activities of the project in Colombia are supervised by the DGRV office in Costa Rica:

Plaza Torres de Heredia, Of. 221
Ulloa, Heredia – Costa Rica

F. +506 4200 3034

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