Eswatini is a landlocked country with about 1.1 million inhabitants, bordering South Africa and Mozambique in southern Africa.

DGRV works in a partnership approach with ESASCCO (eSwatini Association of Savings and Credit Cooperatives) and with the Commissioner for Cooperatives in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Trade of eSwatini.

Our project work with ESASCCO included and includes among many other the digitalization of SACCOs, the design and implementation of a core banking software for SACCOS and the training and coaching of SACCOs.

With the Department for Cooperatives, DGRV is focusing on the divulgation and promotion of the Cooperative Sector, restructuring the existing Cooperative College and the modernisation of the Cooperative Register.

Our work in eSwatini is managed from our offices in Pretoria, South Africa and Maputo, Mozambique and it is part of a regional program including South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique and other countries.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our project in eSwatini contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals, especially:



The eSwatini Association of Savings and Credit Cooperatives is the Apex-Body of Financial Cooperatives in eSwatini. It represents the sector towards national and international partners and stakeholders.

Department of Cooperative within the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade

The Department of Cooperatives is responsible for the registration, audit, supervision, promotion, education and training of all cooperatives in eSwatini.


The activities of the project in eSwatini are supervised by the DGRV office in Mosambique:

85 Rua de Tchamba


Other projects in the region



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South Africa

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