With its country-wide programme in Lao PDR, DRGV aims at contributing to the improvement of the economic situation of farmers and micro-, small- and medium enterprises by strengthening self-help groups and cooperatives.

The DGRV Team in Laos works on all three levels. On the Macro level the team advices the local partners, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Bank of Lao, in matters of a cooperative law. Additionally, DGRV offers capacity building in various areas for the partner’s staff. On the Meso level DGRV Laos strengthens cooperative networks with organizational capacity building to foster exchange between cooperatives and strengthen their role. Finally, on the Micro level DGRV Laos works closely with individual cooperatives to build model cooperatives. DGRV Laos always takes into account the needs of the target groups and uses various instruments (study tours, internships, trainings) to reach its goal.

The project is funded by the BMZ – Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and is currently running until the end of 2023.

Sustainable Development Goals

With our activities, we contribute to several Sustainable Development Goals, especially to:


Some activity highlights include:

  • Audit Training for Bank of Lao staff
  • Saving and Credit Union Certificate Course for Board of Directors in close cooperation with the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions
  • Saving and Credit Union Forums
  • Bookkeeping Trainings for Cooperatives
  • Training of Trainers for Good Cooperate Governance
  • Trainings in Financial Literacy
  • Support the Vanmai Coffee Cooperative in Huapahn in close cooperation with UNODC (for more information see
  • Supporting the further development of a Coop network of agricultural cooperatives and its formalisation as a federation of cooperatives
  • Training and consultancy in risk management and internal control, remote audit, leadership and credit management for LASCU, the federation of savings and credit cooperatives
  • Capacity building for Lao Farmer Network staff in the area of cooperative development



Project Director

Ms. Anja Muthmann

Senior Project Advisor

Ms. Vimonlath Vannavong
Mr. Douangchanh Sihalath

Project Advisor

Ms. Khamfeuang Silavy
Ms. Vanhpheng Sackpaseuth ✝

Coordinator Global Youth Project

Mr. Porlor Nhiachou

Regional Finance Administration

Sayarath Vongsack

Head of Administration

Ms. Valaphone Panyasiri

Clerical Assistant

Ms. Pavisouda Vongphakdy


Mr. Souksanh Luanglath


Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry – DRDC – Department of Rural Development and Cooperatives

The Department of Rural Development and Cooperatives is responsible for supporting and overseeing all agricultural cooperatives as well as farmer and production groups within Laos.



Bank of Lao – Financial Institutions Supervision Department

The Financial Institutions Supervision Department is responsible for supervision and auditing the Savings and Credit Unions in Laos.

LASCU – Lao Association of Saving and Credit Unions is the federation of the Saving and Credit Unions (SCUs) in Laos

The federation has been developed from an informal SCU network and was founded in 2020. DGRV and LASCU have started their cooperation in 2020 with the aim to enable the new federation to conduct its roles and responsibilities such as to train and advise the member SCU as well as being part of auditing and risk management activities from the Bank of Laos (BoL).

LFN – Lao Farmer Association

was founded in2014 as an association for farmer groups. The main objectives of LFN are the strengthening of farmer organisations and networking, to improve production technics, to promote commercial agriculture production and to support the establishment of suitable policy for small holder farmers. DGRV and LFN have started their cooperation 2017 with a focus on capacity building for LFN staff in the area of cooperative development as well as providing opportunities for LFN to participate in policy dialogue relating to cooperatives.


DGRV – Deutscher Genossenschafts- und Raiffeisenverband e. V. – Laos
German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation Laos

Ban Phonsavanh-Tai, Unit 5, House No 071
Sisattanak District
P.O. Box 11370
Vientiane Capital

F. +856-21-317 001

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