DGRV has begun a longer-term approach to cooperative development in Tunisia. In 2017, DGRV received a request from the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries (MARHP) to contribute its cooperative expertise to the revision of the legal framework in Tunisia. As a result, consultative and exploratory talks were held with the relevant actors in the Tunisian cooperative sector. One result of these discussions was that the actors were very positive about DGRV’s approach to supporting the cooperative system. Since January 2021, DGRV has been represented with its own office in the capital Tunis.

In Tunisia, cooperatives have so far primarily existed in agriculture. DGRV would like to focus its work not only on the agricultural sector, but also on other economic sectors, which have great potential. DGRV intends to specifically promote innovative forms of cooperatives through advisory services. The start-up scene is very pronounced in Tunisia. With the support of cooperation partners, specific advisory services are to be offered to young people who want to implement their business ideas.

The future success of the cooperative business model depends not only on the institutional framework, but also on the cooperative’s own initiative and management. Leadership and entrepreneurship play an important role. DGRV intends to offer concrete coaching and advisory services for leadership in cooperatives.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our project in Tunisia contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals, especially:


Project Consultant

Heidrun Martin

Project Manager

Karim Chebbi


MARHP – Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Ressources Hydrauliques et de la Pêche




13 bis 2, Avenue des Etats Unis
1002 Tunis



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