Our activities in Paraguay are part of the CoopSur Project.

The long-term impact of the DGRV CoopSur project is to improve the economic and social participation of large population groups, especially micro and small entrepreneurs, craftsmen and farmers with limited or no access to markets, who may be current or potential partners of existing cooperatives.

The CoopSur project aims to foster competitive, local and regional cooperative structures in the a) agricultural sector, b) real economy and c) financial sector, as well as their integration into multi-level cooperative systems under appropriate regulatory framework conditions, especially in the following areas:

  1. sustainable finance segments (financial inclusion),
  2. promotion of production networks,
  3. cooperative training systems.

The CoopSur project has 10 advisory areas, offers 8 technological management tools and currently cooperates with 13 counterparts in 5 countries within the project region.

About the project

In Paraguay, DGRV pursues a multilevel approach:

At macro level, the focus is on generating an efficient regulatory framework adapted to the cooperative model and improving supervisory processes. The constitution of the deposit insurance fund for the credit union sector is in the process of consultation with the Ministry of Finance.

At meso level, the project focuses on the development of quality cooperative training systems for the adaptation of digital learning methods and digital innovation in training processes.

In addition, DGRV has an institutional strengthening programme with a central cooperative in the area of good governance and internal control. It supports CENCOPAN in the field of technical assistance with advice on strategic planning and internal control systems, training and accrediting consultants on an ongoing basis.

In the agricultural sector, DGRV supports coordinating the promotion of small farmers in the post-harvest process.

At pirmary level, primary cooperatives receive support through the “Red Enlace”- Network to overcome organizational (internal) barriers, which limit their ability to develop as an economically sustainable company. Therefore, the CoopSur project transfers DGRV’s own tools to enable a more efficient cooperative management.

The CoopSur project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ) and is currently running until the end of 2021.

Sustainable Development Goals

With its activities, DGRV contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals, especially:


DGRV selects its activities on the basis of the thematic focus of collaboration with confederations of cooperatives, central institutions of the cooperative sector, federations, networks of cooperatives and individual cooperatives at national and decentralised level, supervisory authorities, ministries and others.

These include:
– training and digital training
– regional and international internships
– formation of various competence networks (internal auditors, managers, risk managers)
– technical assistance and technology transfer programmes (DGRV tools) developed by the project
– development of studies, guides, reference manuals



Project Director

José Manuel Bautista Serrano

Project Manager

Bruno Báez
Virginia Benitez Cristaldo

Senior Project Advisor

Rosi Rivarola (Digital Education)
Rafael León (Strategic Planning)
Myriam Knorr (Microfinance)
Perla Gaona (Auditing)
Zulmira Rodriguez

Administration and Accounting

Antje Ley
Corina Mercado
Martha Duarte



The National Institute of Cooperatives (INCOOP) is a state agency, created by Law 438/94, whose purpose is to comply and enforce the provisions set forth in Article 113 of the National Constitution and to act as the authority for the application of cooperative legislation.

The CoopSur project collaborates with INCOOP in the application of the risk-based supervision manual, in the continuous improvement of the regulatory framework and advises on supervision processes.


The Paraguayan Confederation of Cooperatives (CONPACOOP) is the cooperative entity in charge of representing the Paraguayan savings and credit cooperative sector before civil society organizations and the state sector at the national and international level.

The areas of cooperation between DGRV and CONPACOOP in general are the strengthening of digital education (SNEC), sectoral studies, the development of statistics with data on the cooperative sector and the relationship between the partner organisations.
CONPACOOP has also established a department of statistics (OBSECOOP) for the collection and processing of relevant data in the sector.

FECOPAR and other federations

The Federation of Cooperatives of Paraguay (FECOPAR), which brings together 21 cooperatives, is oriented towards the protection of the cooperative sector, training and technical assistance.

As part of the SNEC, semi-presential learning courses are carried out in coordination with the federations as accreditation bodies for the courses.

The cooperation with DGRV focuses on supporting the federation’s education and training area, in particular through complementary advice on digital education.


The Federation of Production Cooperatives is a 2nd degree institution, consisting of 34 production cooperatives, and has as its objectives the proactive promotion, education and technical support of primary cooperatives. In addition, various services are offered in the area of consulting, auditing and training.

DGRV cooperates with FECOPROD in an activity linked to the commercialization of agricultural products and the promotion of regional and sustainable consumption.


The “Central de Cooperativas del Área Nacional” (CENCOPAN Ltda.) is an institution for the integration of savings and credit cooperatives, dedicated to the cooperative sector in order to promote economic, social and environmental development through specialised financial and technical services.

DGRV collaborates with CENCOPAN in the application of the strategic planning methodology with the technological tool SPE.


“Central Cooperativa Nacional Limitada” (CREDICOOP) is a second degree entity, bringing together first degree cooperatives. As a national central cooperative, CREDICOOP acts mainly as a body for economic integration.

The cooperation with DGRV focuses on the application of good governance, the improvement of internal control with the SCI tool and institutional strengthening.


ALT is an academy designed to strengthen cooperative and entrepreneurial leadership in general through the promotion of work skills designed to meet the challenges of a demanding context through avant-garde knowledge.

DGRV collaborates with ALT in matters of education and digital strategy.

Microfinance Network Enlace

With the Network Enlace, DGRV encourages the exchange of experiences between 20 large savings and credit cooperatives, focusing mostly on the exchange of good practices in microfinance, but also other strategically important issues. This experience is replicated in smaller cooperatives with various strategies.


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