A global exchange on youth and cooperatives

Since 2022, DGRV’s global project “Strengthening the participation of young people in the economy and society through access to cooperatives” addresses the integration young people in the cooperative sector in Laos, Eswatini and Colombia. From March 11th to March 15th representatives of partners and stakeholders as well as DGRV staff members from all three continents came together in Bonn for a global exchange workshop on youth and cooperatives. The focus was on the project journey so far as well as on exchanging ideas how to motivate young people to get involved in the cooperative movement.

Differences and commonalities

As different as the situation in the three countries is, it turned out that they have one part of the solution in common. The discussion showed that digitalization is key to reaching young people. Social Media Campaigns can get youth interested in the cooperative idea. As a next step, digital channels can make cooperative education more accessible for young people. At the same time a cooperative that offers digital services is much more attractive for young members.


Inspirations from the German Sector

A one-day excursion to cooperative actors in the vicinity of Bonn illustrated that the sector in Germany faces precisely the same issue the project is addressing. Cooperative banks like Bensberger Bank are constantly considering how they can attract young costumers and members. RWG Rheinland eG clearly demonstrated that their modern high performance storage facility as well as their digital services are essential in gaining the trust of young farmers. A visit to the school cooperative FvS Technik eG showed how the sector comes together to successfully take practical cooperative education to high schools.

All participants really enjoyed the opportunity to learn from each other’s experience and went back home with new motivation and new ideas.


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