Towards a more sustainable economy in Latin America

The event “Regulation of Sustainable Finance”, held on February 1 and 2, 2024 in Mexico City, brought together representatives of regulatory entities and integration bodies of the cooperative sector. This meeting, organized by the DGRV as part of the project “Participation, Energy, Well-being – Sustainability with Cooperatives in Latin America”, became a crucial space for discussion, inspiration and exchange of ideas on the regulation of the cooperative financial sector in Latin America.

Appropriate regulation for a more sustainable economy

The plenary included keynote speeches and group work sessions, where speakers and panelists, leading figures in the economy and society, shared their knowledge and experiences. The importance of adequate regulation to drive the transformation of the economy towards a more sustainable model was highlighted, and successful examples were explored.

Crucial role of cooperatives

The event demonstrated how the financial sector in general and the cooperative sector in particular can contribute significantly to the transformation towards a more sustainable economy through effective regulation. It also fostered dialogue and collaboration between Latin American supervisors and counterparts, thus strengthening ties in the sector.
In summary, the “Regulating Sustainable Finance” event was an important milestone on the road to a more sustainable economy in Latin America, highlighting the crucial role of cooperatives and the need for appropriate regulation to drive this change.

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